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Advertising Gemengde Branche

Gemengde Branche is the Dutch trade magazine for cooking, dining, living and presents. It focuses on backgrounds, product information, branch news, trends, retail trade, market developments and fairs. Besides, the journal provides information on social and legal matters and on business economics. Gemengde Branche (Mixed Branch) focuses primarily on retail in the mixed sector, and belonges to the association Gebra (independent organisation for retailers). Gebra has over 700 members with more than 2,000 outlets.

Gemengde Branche (the printed version) is published 5 times a year. Our subscribers receive at least 10 times a year a digital newsletter. Both are part of the subscription.

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The Gemengde Branche price list has been fixed in accordance with the Nederlands Uitgevers Verbond’s (Dutch Publishers’ Association’s) regulations, so as to safeguard impartiality. The circulation figures have been checked by the accountant and supplied with the HOI quality mark. In order to check  HOI verification mark as an advertiser, please refer to HOI.

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