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Bekijk presentaties op Conzoom Solutions

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Hoogtepunten van de Ambiente, Christmasworld en Creativeworld 2023 gemist? Bekijk nu, op een moment dat het u uitkomt, presentaties op Conzoom Solutions, het praktijkgerichte online platform, waarop internationaal gerenommeerde deskundigen hun kennis delen. Dat deden ze al tijdens de beurs op de Conzoom Solutions Academy.

Heeft u een lezing gemist of wilt u die terugkijken, klik dan op onderstaande links. De presentaties zijn Engelstalig. U moet wel geregistreerd zijn. Bent u dat nog niet, dan kunt u dat hier doen.

On design & trends

  • Karim Rashid : Global Thinking, Global Shaping . Making design a public issue and accessible to all - that is the goal of the renowned New York designer. He talks about the influences and opportunities that globalisation brings.
  • Sebastian Holmbäck : Design objects as cultural markers and why you should care about them. In his lecture, the multiple award winner and designer answers questions such as: What is a cultural marker? What does it mean for a brand to have a cultural marker in its portfolio? Is there a formula how to create a cultural marker?
  • Annetta Palmisano : Ambiente Trends 23 +. The trend expert delves deeper into the trend worlds that focus on sustainability, unexpected new creations and design icons across the board and offers an overview of what is new in the entire consumer goods industry. Included for the first time are trends around New Work and the modern workplace.
  • Annetta Palmisano : Christmasworld Trends 23+ . In her lecture, the trend expert reveals which colours, shapes and designs will be in vogue for Christmas decorations in the future. The three exciting trend worlds focus on classic and at the same time surprising designs as well as on natural, sustainable decorations.
  • Claudia Herke : Creativeworld Trends 2023 . The growing awareness of sustainability also has a strong influence on the active DIY community: repairing instead of throwing away, using what is already there, embellishing and creating something new from it. Experimentation is becoming more popular, and whatever you like is allowed. The trend expert gives an insight into the latest trends in the creative industry: spot on handicraft!
  • Tai Elshorst-Delofski : Artful wickerwork objects – unique and sustainable.
    Using the example of unconventional wickerwork, the artist, art therapist and designer presents how simple tricks can be used to create new designs for the home.

On changing values & consumer behaviour