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Sustainable Commerce

Supporting local farmers

SME retailers with a Super Supermarket Certificate provide local products

SME food retailers offer local products as part of their product selection: local products can be found on the shelves as a result of a direct collaboration between the independent supermarket retailer and the local and regional growers. This collaboration is interesting for local producers, both in terms of sales, promotion and financial return. Besides that, this way retailers contribute to local employment, quality of life and limit the transportation impact. A distinctive and sustainable product selection is part of the Super Supermarket Certificate (SSK). The SSK Certificate is the Dutch certification for independent SME food retailers who are both locally and socially involved.

SME retailers with SSK provide local products (1)

SME food retailers develop their own local brand

A number of SSK certified food retailers even have their own local brand in their product selection. For example the brothers Leussink of supermarket Jumbo Leussink developed the local brand “Ons Noaberschap” (“be a good neighbour”), “Lekkers uit de regio” (“goods from the region”) belongs to retail couple Bart and Katja de Bresser of supermarket Jumbo Bart en Katja de Bresser, retailer Rob Geurts of Jumbo Rob Geurts has “HEEJ Lekker oët de regio” (“hey tasty from the region”) and “De Streek+Verbeeten” (“the region+Verbeeten”) belongs to the family Verbeeten of PLUS Verbeeten. The local origin of the products and the grower or farmer is mentioned on the products.

One of these SME retailers, Jan Verbeeten, says:
“We are constantly searching for new local gems. The regional offer provides a win-win-win situation. First of all, it is a very good and delicious offer for the customer. Secondly, the producers see more of their own products, which is also from a price point of view more interesting for them. Thirdly, it contributes to our ability to stand out and, moreover, this way we contribute to local employment and quality of life. By offering various regional products under one label, the range of products is recognisable to the customer.”

About the Super Supermarket Certificate
The Super Supermarket Certificate (SSK) is the Dutch certification for independent SME food retailers who are both locally and socially involved. Retailers with the SSK certification take sustainability into account, in the broadest sense of the word, with their entrepreneurship. For example sponsoring local (sport)clubs, the commitment to fight against food waste, applying energy efficiency measures and providing regional products in cooperation with regional producers. The independent SME retailers are franchisee of one of the supermarket formula/format Albert Heijn, Coop, Jumbo, PLUS or Spar. In addition to the activities and expressions of the supermarket formula/format, the SSK certified independent retailer has added value. Independent retailers bring colour to the community. As well as running their own business, they do an exceptional amount outside the shop for the benefit of other people, the neighbourhood and the community. The SSK Certificate is an initiative of Vakcentrum.

Dutch Food Week
The Dutch national theme week Dutch Food Week is all about enjoying food, national food production and innovation. Farmers and fruiters, entrepreneurs from the supply and processing industry, retail, government and scientists together show how they work on the production of our food. The SSK supermarkets’ distinctive product selection, the local products on the shelves and information regarding the origin of the products is in line with this week.