Voorjaarsbeurs Foodspecialiteiten is bereikbaar op (0348) 41 97 71 - info@foodspecialiteiten.nl

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Voorjaarsbeurs Foodspecialiteiten

Unfortunately, we had to decide to cancel the Spring Fair Food Specialties that was planned for March 13 and 14, 2023. We offer you our sincere apologies. Right up to the last minute, we worked hard for a successful trade fair.

The Spring Fair 2022 was a great success. For this year’s edition however, we have too few participants to repeat that success and present visitors with a complete range.

From our intensive contacts with (potential) exhibitors, it is clear that the enthusiasm for the Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten on October 2 and 3,2023 in Houten is particularly high. It looks like it will be the largest trade fair in years.

If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us on (0348) 41 97 71.